3pcs Technology Hand Stitching Bright Lamp Honeycomb Light-Angkor Panda

24.84 $


Product features:
Material: ABS + PC
Color: white
Light color: white
Light source: white LED light
On / Off: Capacitive Touch
Shape: Hexagon
Size: diagonal 10cm, diagonal 11.5cm, thickness 1.8cm, edge length 5.8cm
Features: Hexagonal shape allows these components to be stacked on top of each other, can change different shapes and structures, contact with the body, can turn on and off the wall lights, unique geometric design, not only lighting but also home decoration.
Installation: fixed to the wall with strong adhesive, each of which is connected by the side panels.
Applicable: It can be placed in the living room, bedroom, study, restaurant, hotel, etc.
Packaging includes: 3X 1X strong self adhesive induction lamp.