7 Oils: 7 types of oil Garlic oil, Inca bean oil, Coconut oil, Sesame oil, Capillary oil, Rice oil, Black sesame oil, Turmeric extract

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7Oils : ប្រេង ៧ ប្រភេទ ប្រេងខ្ទឹមស ប្រេងសណ្តែក ប្រេងខ្យង ប្រេងដូង ប្រេងល្ង ប្រេងផ្កា     ប្រេងកន្ទក់ ប្រេងល្ងខ្មៅ ចំរាញ់ចេញពីរមៀត


7 Oils: 7 types of oil
• Reduce blood fat Prevent cardiovascular disease
• Maintain the brain and hormonal system.
• Prevent and reduce joint pain and osteoarthritis.
• Skin care to reduce dark spots
• Reduce accumulated fat, increase fat burning Maintain muscle mass
• Against various pathogens such as viruses, fungi
• Against cancer
• Relieve colic Peptic ulcer
net weight 45.6g
packing 60 Capsules
Use: 4 tablets per day (2 Capsules in the morning and 2 Capsules in the evening)