A multi-purpose electric pan, an electric pot including a glass lid, steaming pad and frying pan- Angkor Panda

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One pot, complete all functions Value for money Without complicated kitchen problems Over the limitations of appliances that can only boil Because this pot can make every menu Cook fun food, increase your cooking pleasure with the multi-purpose electric pan.
1. Stainless steel Teflon coating Causing when not cooking on the pan
2. Pot body diameter 22cm
3. Pot lid is a glass lid Makes the food visible while cooking
4. The machine is made of heat insulation. When touching the pot while cooking, it is not hot.
5. Good quality stainless steel, rust-proof and easy to clean
6. There is a safety system When the water is dry or overheated, the power will cut immediately.
7. Passed the 3C (China Compulsory Certification) standard for electrical appliances in China, ensuring safety.
1. There is an LED indicating the working level. As a setting, choosing the operating mode
2. There are 5 modes of operation (in order from left-hand —> right-hand)
– Mode 1: For boiled, steamed menus
– Mode 2: For stir frying, frying
– Mode 3: For cooking rice, baking rice
– Mode 4: For stewed menus, porridge
– Mode 5: Warming the food to heat the food
– Pan x1 piece
– Mirror cover x1 piece
– Steaming rack x1 Layer
– Stir-frying spatula x1
– Soup process x1
– Chopsticks x1 pair
– Spoon x1

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