Add top water Aroma steamer 6 liters much steam pleasing easy to use

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Features of the aroma steamer (Aroma diffuser 6L.)
✔ Aroma steamer Can hold a maximum of 6 liters of water
✔ Put water on the tank top, easy to use, adjust the steam level
✔ Continue adding water, open the vapor for a maximum of 20 hours, fill more water, open all day and night, not hot, not dangerous
✔Plug house
✔ Working with ultrasonic systems Causing water molecules to break down into steam
✔ Can add perfume oil to the water tank straight away Good scent distribution
There is a system to stop automatically when the water runs out, making it not dangerous.
** Red indicator light Running out of water is still shown **
Type: Ultrasonic Humidifier
– Mist Output (ml / H): 300 ml / H
– Voltage (V): 28
– Brand Name: NO
– Capacity: 6000ml
– Size: 212mm * 212mm * 370mm
How to use the 6-liter steamer
1. Open the top cover of the machine.
2. Pour a little water. Follow with essential oils as needed.
3. Pour additional water until filled. Or as required Can hold a maximum of 6 liters of water
** For adding water each time Can lift only the water tank and turn the water into the tank And can be lifted down to the base Can be lifted in an upright position, not tilted, or can be poured into the machine while placing the water tank on the base **
4. Close the top cover.
5. Plug in and turn on the steam Adjust the amount of vapor as needed
*** If the water runs out or is at low levels The machine will cut the steam. But the status light still shows red ***
**** Use the best filtered water ****
** Additional cleaning: 1 time per week, use a sponge to use dishwashing liquid to make bubbles Wipe the hole in the middle Be careful not to let the washed-out water get messy outside the machine. Dry and dry before drying completely. To enable it again