AIM Brand Microphones with Mic Stand

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AIM Shotgun Microphone
For smartphones, cameras and computers
• Focus on speaking only from the front direction
• has a narrow degree of sound absorption Reduces the ambient noise
• Have headphones to connect to the mic to check the sound or listen to while speaking.
• Can adjust, increase, decrease the volume, adjust the Echo
• With a sponge covering the mic to prevent wind noise well
• Can be connected to various devices such as speakers, audio
• Built-in battery, fully charged, can be used continuously for up to 6 hours.
• It takes approximately 2 hours to charge until the red light goes out.
• Compatible with smartphones, cameras, voice recorders, computers
Device to receive
• AIM mic
• Mic stand
• Sponge head covering mic
• Headphone cable
• Micro USB cable to AUX
• AUX cable, AUX connector
• Micro USB to USB cable
AIM mic is not a condenser microphone .. Is a shotgun microphone or boom microphone with a narrow sound degree similar to MM1 or BM-2021
Microphone, if you want to use it with your computer, have a sound card.
The microphone and phone jack is a 3.5 jack. If the headphone jack of the customer is not 3.5 jack, there must be a headphone jack cable.