Air Humidifier K7 3.3L Humidifier Steamer Air conditioner with USB power- Angkor Panda

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Humidifier, digital screen and touch
– Products: humidifier
– Brand: Humidifier
– Model: K7
– Power: 25 W
– Voltage: 5v-1A +
– Steam content: 300 mL / h
– Capacity: 3.3 L
– Noise level: <36 dB
-Color: white, pink
– Material: ABS
– Size: 251.97 * 150.08mm
How to use: Press 1, open the function, spray out 2 channels throughout
Press twice, turn on the spray function, alternately
Press 3, turn on the spray function for 3 seconds each time
Press 4 times to disable
If holding down for 3 seconds, the system LED will turn on.
Press and hold for 3 seconds. The LED system is disabled.
First use, soak the cotton bud first
*** Note: If customers want to add essential oils Recommend to use essential oils specifically for use. Specific steamer only And recommend to add no more than 5 drops. If the customer does not follow the instructions and the device has a problem, the store will not be responsible for any ***
– Works continuously for 12 h and has a night mode
– There is a power cut system when the water runs out.
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