Air Purifier Humidifier Steamer With LED lights, small, portable USB-Angkor Panda

8.66 $


Humidifier Air side reduce air allergy, sleep well
Use anytime, anywhere. Easy to carry. Just connect to a USB to use.
🚩 Steamer
ΰΈ«ΰΈ‘ΰΈ² The dog is in the mirror
🚩 LED light with color changing itself
🚩 For the first time, take a cotton pad to soak in water first.
🚩 In the box there is 1 USB cable.
How to use
1. Open water tank Add water as needed
2. Soak the cotton pad in the water until wet And put again
3. Plug in the USB cable To the machine and power supply (Charger, Computer, Power bank)
4. Press 1 time to turn on the machine. Press 2 times to release the steam periodically.
5. Hold to turn on the light inside the doll.
Product size: 143 * 88 * 88MM
Packaging: color box
Package size: 150 * 92 * 92MM
Single net / gross weight: 160g / 220g
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