Baby Carrier Hip Seat 2 in 1 can carry front and backpack. Model: MBD-8806- Angkor Panda

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Baby Carrier Hip Seat 2 in 1 can carry front and backpack. Model: MengBaDun-8806 Help to help your mother more. No more annoying problems with children because they are stuck in their hands when using the Baby Life, a baby carrier that can sit on the Hip Seat 2 in 1, can carry the front and back. Model: MengBaDun-8806 Can take your baby anywhere The mother does not have to exert her arms, shoulders and back to cause pain, she will be in a comfortable sitting position. And as natural as possible The cushion supports your bottom, thighs and knees. The backpack is designed to distribute the weight of 3 points: 2 shoulders and waist. Can be adjusted to carry in many ways, either facing the chest, facing out, backward or removing the carrier and using the seat Just fine Safe with Super Safety Lock system, large lock And good ventilation with mesh fabric Special features hip seat size 16×22 cm supports your baby’s seat comfortably. With a large belt Not tired after mother How to use Hip Seat 1. Material made from 100% Cotton fabric is not stiff. 2. Remove, wash or fold, easy to carry. 3. Weight support 3.6 – 20 kg. 4. Waist belt supports the body of the user with a waist circumference not exceeding 42 inches (106.5 cm) 5. The belt thickness 14 cm. Lock size 6 cm. 6. Carrying the child Sit on the hip seat. 7. Hold the backpack around the child from the back. Hold the child 8. Use hands to arrange the child’s torso so that it sits comfortably and comfortably, not too tight or too loose. 9. Lock the backpack straps together on the back to prevent the backpack straps from falling off the shoulder. How to use the hip seat only 1. Strap the HipSeat belt from the back 2. Place the left HipSeat strap on the bottom 3. Place the right HipSeat strap over the left side. Keep the peeling strips align 4. Lock the lock, lock it tightly, not move loose 5. Adjust the lock tightly. Then wind up the cable. 6. Rotate the HipSeat forward. 7. Adjust the position to fit. When carrying, will not get tired 8. Hold the child up, put it on top of HipSest and hug him Or support your back quickly

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