Banila Co Miss flowers & Mr.honey Serum 50 ml -Angkor Panda

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Banila Co Miss flowers & Mr.honey Serum 50 ml
Serum from banilaco helps to moisturize and brighten the skin. Reduce wrinkles The face is smooth, soft, full, looks full of water and does not make it oily.
Contains 82% Red Propolis, sourced from bees Famous ingredients Queen of Skincare
Premium ingredients that have been thoughtfully processed, mixed with other components that banila co provided.
Gentle Helps to keep the skin healthy, full, full, strong, soothe the skin. Reducing skin inflammation
Reduce wrinkles Clear skin Fragrance-free, not allergic
I’d like to see the review first. Which is a face of Korean girls, the face will be lustrous, luscious, with a very good skin, super power
About this, waking up the face will become soft, fluffy, bouncy skin again.
At Scratch, the won price is very high, so go to shop by yourself. May have to pay out 1300-1500 baht. Dew shops and companies in a lot of volumes. Can make the seller price
Size 50 mm. Large amount, new, fresh, just released, not old production