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Mini Bluetooth 4.2 wuw-r48 bluetooth headphones 4.2, play music, listen to music, have a mic, answer calls, can hang up Small, fits in your ear
πŸ‘‡ Key features πŸ‘‡
βœ” Connect with Bluetooth 4.2 Distance up to 15 meters Excellent energy saving
βœ” Voice prompts telling the machine’s operating status
βœ” Small size, designed to fit perfectly into the ear
βœ” Giving good sound, smooth melodious
βœ” Built-in mic, can answer and hang up Call and play music – stop music
Product model: Mini Bluetooth Earphones
Microphone: Build in microphone
Feature: Moisture proof & voice prompt Bluetooth
Version: Bluetooth 4.2 + EDR
Music Play time: 3 hours
Talk time: 4 hours
Charge time: 1-2 h
Operation range: 15meters
customized: Yes
πŸ‘‡ How to use πŸ‘‡
1.Turn on the machine: press and hold for 5 seconds, wait until the light is red alternating blue
2. Power off: press and soak for 5 seconds
3. When someone calls in, can press to answer a direct button on the Bluetooth. To answer and chat straight away And press again to end the call
4. While Bluetooth connected, can press the bluetooth button 1 time to listen to music And press 1 more time to stop listening to music
5. The time for Bluetooth is almost empty, there will be a warning sound To start charging

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