Bluetooth Speaker BS12 Microphone big sound with LED-Angkor Panda

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Bluetooth speaker BS12 has a convenient carry handle with a large LED light. It is a speaker that is easy to carry. Can be connected via Bluetooth wireless as a speaker that is easy to carry. It can be connected via Bluetooth wireless and can also be used in Radio and SD player systems as well. Bluetooth Speaker Radio with SD player comes with impressive sound quality. Specifications – Bluetooth 2.0+ and AUX Multi-Jack – Range. Bluetooth up to 10 meters (no obstacles) – listen to mp3 music via Micro SD Card, TF Card with built-in Flash Drive slot – Support Bluetooth wirelessly connected to all devices such as tablets, notes Notebooks and mobile phones, etc. – Support Hand free calls from the phone. – Charging time: 3 hours. – Supports Bluetooth 2.1 + ESR class2 and supports wired connection with computer speakers.

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