Bluetooth speaker CL-671. Lamp LED

12.00 $ 7.00 $


Bluetooth speaker, 6 lights color changing, can be a lamp, 3-level lights, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, LED Light Bluetooth can play music, Bluetooth lamp Smart lamp with speaker.
The bluetooth speaker has a color-changing lamp function.
Bluetooth Smart lamp with speaker
Speaker Type: Output Power 1.5W * 1
Operating frequency: 50Hz-20 KHz
Signal to noise ratio:> 75db Battery capacity 1200mAh
There are 3 levels of fire.
Usage time when fully charged, 5-6 hours available
Charge for 2-3 hours
● You can change the speaker light color easily. Just tap on the speaker To change the color of the lights and change the brightness of the lights.
● Tap to change the light color when entering bluetooth mode.
The bluetooth speaker can be compatible with all IOS and Android devices.

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