Bremax supplyment help brain and eyesight

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Bremax អាហារបំប៉ន ព្រីម៉ែក ជួយខួរក្បាលបង្កើនការចងចាំ ការពារជំងឺវង្វេងវង្វាន់ ជួយសំរួលដល់ភ្នែក ជួយបន្ថយស្ត្រេស ជួយគេងលក់ស្កប់ស្កល់ បង្កើនអរម៉ូនលូតកំពស់សម្រាប់វ័យជំទង់

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Bremax the result:
Maintain memory, prevent dementia, maintain eyesight, increase concentration, relieve stress, help sleep, increase height in adolescents
Maintaining the brain, increasing memory, preventing Alzheimer’s
Eye maintenance, dry eyes, eye fatigue
➢ Easy sleep and deep sleep
➢ increase height Increase growth hormone
➢ increase striped muscles
➢ Concentrate, focus, decide, be sharp
➢ Relieve stress Relaxing Relax
➢ Helps in neurotransmitters
➢ Relieve, forget, forget
➢ Relieve ADHD
➢ can adjust the balance of emotions and concentration
➢ Helps to draw calcium into bones
net weight 17.28g
packing 30 Capsules
Use: 2 tablets daily before bed