Calcil Suppliment able to prevent and reduce osteoporosis

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Calcil  អាហារបំប៉នកាល់ស៊ីល

កាល់ស្យូមមានប៉ាតង់ពីអាមេរិក អាចការពារនិងកាត់បន្ថយជំងឺពុកឆ្អឹង អាចស្រូបកាល់ស្យូមច្រើនជាងកាល់ស្យូមដទៃទៀតរហូតដល់៩ដង ការស្រូបយកអតិបរមា ៩៥% មិនរឹងបណ្តាលអោយទល់លាមក

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Calcil ​Suppliment
Calcium patented from America Able to prevent and reduce osteoporosis, osteoporosis, 9 times easier to absorb than other calcium, up to 95% maximum absorption, no stones, no constipation
Who is suitable for
➢ Those wishing to strengthen bones and teeth
➢ Children in need
➢ People aged over 35-40 years old
➢ People who are prone to osteoporosis Monthly menopause women
➢ People who are prone to osteoarthritis
➢ People who have a lot of weight
➢ People who have previously taken calcium have also had symptoms of osteoarthritis.
➢ People who take other calcium supplements and have other side effects such as constipation, hemorrhoids, taking antacids and gastritis.
➢ People with regular physical activities such as gym, cycling, football, basketball and men who are physically fit, muscular and bodybuilding etc.
net weight 72g
packing 60 Capsules
Use: 1-2 tablets per day