Closet 2 large blocks, left, small, right, large Waterproof dustproof cover H529

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Closet 2 large blocks, left, small, right, large Waterproof, dustproof cover
2-size wardrobe closet, 175x110x50 size that is versatile. Unlike normal wardrobe In which one side is the part of the normal clothes rack And on the other side, there are 5 shelves which help to store your clothes in many ways. Reduce storage and clothes problems Increase living space within the house
The 2-block closet is wrapped in non-woven fabric, waterproof and does not catch dust. Can close the closet easily No worries about the dirty clothes caused by storage.
The closet is lightweight. But has a strong structure Can support a lot of weight And convenient to move comfortably and save time as well
2-block closet help you to store your clothes easily.
– Structure made from rust-proof steel
– High quality non woven material
– Waterproof and dustproof cover
– Light weight, easy to move
– Strong, able to support a lot of weight
– strong joints
– Size 170x105x45cm