Deerma CM800 Vacuum Cleaners Ready to kill germs by high heat.

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Brand: Deerma
Model: CM800
Equipment type: Home electrical appliances
Material: ABS
Cleaning type: Portable vacuum cleaner
Features: automatic
Power cord length (m): 3M
Power (W): 450W
Voltage (V): 220V
Input voltage (V): 200V
Frequency (Hz): 50Hz
– Strong cleaning power, 450W copper DC motor, powerful suction 13000 Pa, high vibration 8000 times / min
– The highest UV sterilization, dust killing rate of 99.9%
– Eliminate dust mites up to 4 layers including UV light, high temperature, vibration and suction
– Double layer HEPA filter for filtering dust and mites
– Handgrip designed for easy use
[[Device in the box]]
1 x Vacuum Mite Cleaner
1 x Chinese user manual
### Basic usage time should remove the pillowcase Bed first Then press the button on the device Put the brush on the area that we will suck. If the brush is good then the device will have a light blue light. This means that the machine is heated to kill dust mites.
* Use for about 10 minutes The machine will cut. Allow to rest for 30 minutes. Because the heater to kill dust mites Therefore having to cut when working hot for safety reasons