Digital scales Weight scale 180KG WS2026 4.7- Angkor Panda

12.69 $

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The machine is made of safety glass, beautiful, premium design. Cute, clear display screen With a decimal point to guarantee the weight Easy to move
Temperature measurement, can be used in a variety of 2 available units of measurement: pounds, kilograms, maximum weight of 400lb / 180kg
– supports weight from 0.1-180 kg
– Resolution: 0.1Kg
– LCD screen display Clearly visible even in the dark
– Use battery size: 2 AAA batteries
How to use
– Enable by going up the scale, then the number will come up Wait until it reaches 0.0 In order to reset the device
– then up to a new scale And read the value when the number is flashing
– numbers will flash for 10 seconds and then turn off
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