Brosse Attrap Poil Dust Collector Brush Set-Angkor Panda

13.00 $

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Brosse Attrap Poil Dust Collector Brush Set

– Used to deal with hair, fur or crumbs that fell on the floor, mattress, sofa, car seat.
-Eliminate the problem of cat hair, dog hair, follow the sofa, car seat during shedding.
-The brush can be used on both sides, helping to collect a lot of dust, hair and pet hair at a time.
– Can be reused, just put the brush back into the brush holder.
– Help you save energy, save money, save time.
– Say goodbye to the old masking roller. That must be used and then pulled away
– Small, compact, easy to use, easy to carry.
– 1 pack contains 1 big brush / 1 portable brush.

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