Electric cracked heel scrubber-Angkor Panda

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Find Back electric heel sander The latest innovation in the heel sander. Helps eliminate dry, cracked heels. And dead skin cells to disappear Helps to remove rough and hard heels. To come off completely Open the skin cells to return to return to be smooth, soft, pleasant to the touch of nature, giving you beautiful, smooth foot skin like a foot spa. The roller head can be replaced. Compact size, handy grip, convenient to use Washable Can be used as a battery / or plugged into a popular USB plug in Europe.


– Dry skin exfoliants help solve the problem of dry, rough and rough heels.

– Help exfoliate the dead skin cells. Open new skin cells to return to be smooth, soft and natural.

– Compact size, easy to grip Convenient to carry

– The head of the file is made of fine polished stone. Can be removed and replaced

– Can use 2 systems, battery pack / USB plug

– Convenient to use, easy to use, no hassle, does not hurt the skin.

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