Essential oil + KAORI Aroma diffuser, 500ml

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Brand Name: Kaori Thailand
– Mist Output (gallon / day): 0.19
– Power (W): 15.6
– Voltage (V): 24
– Capacity: 500ml
– Feature: Color Changing LED Light
* Equipment inside the box received
– 1 bottle of essential oil
– Steam generator 500 ml.
– adapter
– Thai manual + product warranty card
** At all products There will be a guarantee sticker
= Use for after the warranty period Only in the shop only !!!
how to use Various functions (FULL COLOR)
– Add 2-3 drops of essential oil, according to preference (But if the formula is intense, add no more than 3 drops Due to the concentrated oil formula May cause the machine to get clogged And makes it less effective to use)
– Press the MIST button to turn on (do not need to press and hold, because pressing and holding MIST will cause the machine to not work due to long press Is the vapor off mode)
– Press MIST button 1 more time to set operation time 60 minutes, 120 minutes, 180 minutes and ON mode (suggest to turn ON mode to work until the water in the machine runs out The machine protection system automatically shuts off the power and stops. For safety
** Changing color lights **
The lights will gradually run 7 colors continuously.
** If the customer wants to have one color Wait until that color and then press the LIGHT button again. Hit without having to press and hold.
** Press LIGHT 2 times to turn off the light while sleeping.
After turning on the machine The smoke level is LOW. Press HIGH / LOW 2 times to adjust to HIGH.
9. Press and hold the MIST button to close the cough.
And press LIGHT 2 times to turn off the light
NOTE  All products from the shop do not use with essential oils that contain alcohol. And the quality is too low Since it will not benefit the sprayer and the user himself