Etude AC Clean Up Pink Powder Spot 15 ml, new acne powder- Angkor Panda

17.58 $


Contains concentrated nutrients Use on acne spots Helps reduce inflammation and reduces inflammation and redness of acne quickly
Does not leave black marks, leaving the skin moist and youthful. Helps to tighten pores. Reduces scars caused by acne.
The acne holes or ulcers will subside significantly. No substances that cause allergies or irritation.
#Usage: The acne marker has a bottle-like appearance, with a pink texture by using a cotton swab dipped in the solution and then spot the acne or inflamed area.
# Suggestion: should dip while the powdery layer of the pink solution is on the bottom of the bottle for only 3-4 days.
Will notice that the acne hole or the wound will subside significantly