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New !! Vitamin C, Eun Dan, New version Gold plus + Korea Eundan Vitamin C Gold PLUS +
More premium box models Add more good vitamins. More expensive than normal. It’s normal.
With extracts that are thicker than before Resulting in faster results than the original formula
πŸ’–1 box contains 30 tablets for 1 month of consumption πŸ’–
How to eat in the morning on an empty stomach. Before the meal
Add innovation, sustained release, assimilated absorption For the body to gradually absorb well
Add biotin, nourish nails, hair, teeth, prevent gray hair
Contains zinc to help reduce acne inflammation Helps with skin inflammation
Including vitamins that make you feel fresh and fresh for those who want to be refreshed.
Help with allergies Prevent colds
Nourishing skin, hair, body health πŸ’–
🧑 Benefits of Vitamin C 🧑
1. Vitamin C is needed for the structure and tissues in the body.
2. Helps to absorb iron better
3. Helps to neutralize free radicals with high efficiency
4. Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Helps to slow down aging, helping the skin to be clear, smooth, soft, and natural.
5. Helps the immune system to be stronger and more effective
6. Helps reduce the risk of many types of cancer.
7. Helps reduce symptoms that result from allergens
Β #Gold Plus model #Vitamin C Premium Formula !!! Vitamin C 1000 mg + Biotin + Vitamin D