Automatic foam hand washing machine-Angkor Panda

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Automatic liquid soap dispenser Can hold 310 ml of liquid.
👍👍 Size of the automatic soap dispenser, width 98 MM, depth 78 MM, height 208 MM, upper range, depth 122 MM
🔋 Uses 3 AA batteries
⭐ Can be changed from liquid soap to foam. Easy to use When working, there will be a little loud sensor system sound.
Use the sensor to release the foam in just 0.2 seconds.
📌 In the box contains : The body emits a piece of foam.
3 AA batteries
1 x English manual
Mode of use:
– Press the 1st time, the state lights blue, it takes 0.6 seconds to pump.
– Press the second time, the green light state It takes 1.2 seconds to pump.
– Long press to turn off the pink light state

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