Foam Yoga Foam Roller Massage SP302

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Foam roller for warm-up, warm-down, rehabilitation and conditioning Relieving tight muscles Or pain from playing sports Can be used everywhere Do it yourself without wasting time. And expensive massage expenses
Relieve chronic pain Or acute pain caused by sports With a variety of specific pressure points, the muscles are tight and relaxed. And with a soft foam roller Suitable for alleviating injured areas to recover faster.
Shin Splints – Foam roller helps relieve pain. And inflammation of the muscles in the shin Rehabilitation, shin muscles By pressing the massage to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid And increase blood flow which increases the oxygen for the muscles For a massage to make up for us to use more muscles in the muscles. Run far or faster
Increase balance and posture of the body. – Posture problems are often caused by the tightness of muscles in certain points, causing the posture to lose balance. Can use the foam roller to press and massage at that point to loosen The posture will become more balanced.
Reduce cellulite, increase firmness – The massage with foam roller on a regular basis. Will reduce the accumulation of cellulite fat in that area And helps sleep better If you use pressure massage before going to bed Because it will cause the muscles to relax And comfortable
Easy to use, fitness quality, lightweight, portable, easy to use anywhere.
Product size: 33 x 14 x 14 cm