Genuine Eye Liner. The top selling eyeliner No. 2g.-Angkor Panda

7.45 $


πŸŽ‡3 details, depicting delicate eye makeup
1. Breakthrough water supply technology, smooth water flow, uniform color development
2. Flexible brush tip, easy to draw a fine eyeliner
3. Steel ball design, prevent liquid solidification
πŸŽ‡3 big advantages, after drawing, the big and profound eyes finished.
1.Easy to draw a line, smooth and uninterrupted. The unique water storage and backflow function makes the pen water full and smooth, the drawing lines are more uniform, can draw a smooth lines of 81 meters continuously
2.Cool black color, can make a high presence eye makeup. High coverage shows that the formula is cool and dark, and the color is excellent.
3.With the super fast dry formula. Unique curing film factor that instantly adsorbs on the skin surface
πŸŽ‡Dull eyes?You need a quick-drying, cool black color, not smudge eyeliner to show the big and bling eyes
Product Name: Quick Dry Eyeliner
Net content: 2g
Whether it is a special-purpose cosmetic: No
Eyeliner Product Category: Eyeliner
Color classification: eyeliner
Is it waterproof: Yes
Specification Type: Normal Specifications
Efficacy: Modify the eye Waterproof
Suitable for skin type: any skin type
Shelf life: 3 yearsSpecifications
Color of the pen: Black