Genuine OLS Eyebrow Pencil Sienna -Angkor Panda

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* Waterproof and sweat resistant, long lasting, not easily resistant, even fade and meticulous, long lasting and not easy to stain color
* Natural color, brush lines are smooth and delicate, easy color, does not hurt the skin, easy to draw stereo eyebrows
* Double-headed pen design, two-way operation, 3D oblique knife and spiral eyebrow brush, easy to draw
* Two eyebrow pencil in one position Refused to eyebrows, outdated eyebrows, fashion trends, double-headed effect
* Flat eyebrow pencil for better makeup Novice natural color, love freedom to control the thickness, do not need to sharpen the pen, gently turn to use
The rotating brush head is soft, but durable. The distance is a mess, not easy to change the shape of the eyebrows, will comb gently before make-up and the eyebrows will be given after make-up.
1. First, use a spiral eyebrow brush to make the eyebrows orderly.
2. Rotate the eyebrow pencil axis to the right of about 2 mm and draw the shape of the eyebrows from the eyebrows to the eyebrows. Slightly lighter eyebrows
3. Finally, use the eyebrow brush to brush in the direction of the eyebrows to create natural and smooth eyebrows.
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01# black, 02# grey, 03# dark brown, 04# light brown, 05# brown