HBQ-I7S TWS wireless headphones with 2 sides (left – right) Bluetooth V4.2 + DER support-Angkor Panda

12.74 $


Headphones I7s are genuine brands. I7s rebranded
Can use all models with BlueTool, but Samsung Hero to iPhone 19 in case of longing for everyone
Battery can be used to listen to music for about 1 hour. If customers want to use it for more than 1 hour, recommend that customers turn on standby, connect, call, stay inactive for 1 day or more.
How to use
First, press and hold the button until the light flashes alternately blue and red. Then press to match the signal And can use immediately Next time using with the same mobile phone, just press the power button, the blue light will be paired automatically. To turn off, keep the middle button pressed until the light goes out There are 2 pieces of bluetooth headphones, must turn on both sides, how to use the charging box Just keep the headphones in the box and press the power button to charge immediately. The headphones and the box can be separately charged as well. Inside the box for the i7S TWS bluetooth headset