Innisfree Green tea seed serum 80ml- Angkor Panda

26.52 $


#The most famous celebrities. A lot of reviews. This is a concentrated facial serum. With green tea seed extract
Non-toxic that is grown on Jeju Island. High quality green tea seeds Gathering power from the virgin land in all 4 seasons
Helps add moisture to the skin excellently and effectively Makes the skin smooth, firm, firm
Wrinkles look noticeably reduced. Feel it the first time you use it.
The texture of the serum is not heavy and not sticky, so it absorbs quickly into the skin. Has a relaxing fragrance
#Sombat Den at Brown Claim
1. Delivers moisture and freshness with 100% natural green tea extract
Serum that is full of amino acids and many valuable minerals. As well as extracts from fresh green tea leaves
From Jeju Island that helps to moisturize the skin as well
2. Technology to increase the power of moisture to the skin up to 2 times (extracts from green tea leaves and green tea seeds)
Freshly squeezed green tea juice that helps deeply moisturize the skin combined with the value of green tea seeds to help
Builds a strong protective barrier to help retain moisture in the skin for longer.
3. The first skin care after cleansing
The first serum to use after washing your face to help retain moisture under the skin. While also helping to prevent water loss in the skin as well