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Soft face serum, mango, yogurt
• DD Cream Watermelon SPF50 PA +++ (DD Cream Watermelon) DD cream is the best to cover and protect the skin. With the latest technology that is more advanced than the BB CC cream, the cream breaks down into light mineral water, easy to spread, absorbed immediately after application. And does not make the skin oily during the day and waterproof and can protect both UVA and UVB rays with ingredients from watermelon that can retain water. Maintain moisture Protect the skin from losing water during the day. And a mixture of glutathione helps to adjust the skin color to be white and pink naturally. Method of use Spread the texture of Sunscreen Chula Herb over the face. It is used to cover uneven skin tone from acne scars, sun blemishes, freckles, and sun protection. Should be applied 15 minutes before the sun exposure. Notification number 10-1-5878637
• Marigold Acne Gel (Marigold Acne Scars Gel), acne scars gel with Glycolic acid (AHA) extract from the fruit, which helps to Anti-growth Of bacteria, the major cause of acne While preventing the inflammation of acne And help heal the scars caused by acne inflammation effectively And removes dull skin cells Reveal smooth white skin Add moisture to the skin naturally. Suitable for all skin types. Method of use Marigold acne scars gel Before going to bed, after washing your face with water, apply calendula gel, thinly over your face, leave it for 10-15 minutes, then wash it off with soap. Or a face wash foam (not recommended to mask and leave it all night It may cause dry skin) * If you have oily skin, you can use it every day. But if you have dry skin, it is recommended to use the mask not more than 2-3 times a week ** In case of inflammatory acne, acne clogging, thin mask on the acne once. Without having to repeat points Or points repeatedly Notification No. 10-1-5719452
• Moringa Repair Gel (moringa skin care gel) Moringa skin care gel Helps nourish damaged skin to become beautiful skin. Moisturize and clear Rich in extracts of various types, namely Rutin and Quercetin (Rutin and quercetin), which has antioxidant activity Helps increase white and clear acne scars fade effectively. The secret formula has been re-invented. That enhances the efficiency of extracts from Moringa and Arbutin, resulting in an effective reduction of hyperpigmentation. White and clear skin as well. And has properties to help reduce the occurrence of skin pigment (melanin) that is the cause of dullness, freckles, dark spots on the face. Make your face smooth. While adding moisture to the skin Does not dry out very well. Can be used by all skin types. Even sensitive skin Without causing irritation With nanotechnology that helps to make essence Infiltrates into the skin and gradually releases continuously. Make it fully increase work efficiency Method of use Apply moringa gel to your face and neck. Regular morning – evening. Notification number 10-1-5860829
• Longan Melasma Serum (serum, blemish, fiber) solve the problem of freckles directly. With concentrated extract from longan seeds Containing important substances in the polyphenol group Helps to fight free radicals, reduce freckles, dark circles, reduce wrinkles and wrinkles. Protect your skin from sunlight and pollution. Restore moisture to the skin. Gentle restoration to white and radiant skin without biting the skin Method of use Apply for face and neck skin care daily in the morning and evening. 10-1-6010012591
• Mango Yogurt Booster Serum (Soft face serum, mango yogurt), concentrated serum formulated with mango ingredients that are rich in vitamins. Mixed with yogurt that contains vitamins Nutrients and contains nutrients from nature that are good for the skin Helps to nourish the skin to be moisturized and clear, helping to exfoliate the dead skin cells to peel off gently. Along with the proportions from snail slime that help slow down deep wrinkles Makes the skin look smooth, radiant, juicy, gentle, suitable for all skin types. Method of use After cleaning the face Spread the serum texture over the face Leave the area around the eyes and lips. Use it regularly in the morning and evening without rinsing. Notification number 10-1-6100009473

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DD Cream Watermelon, Calendula acne scars gel, Moringa skin care gel, Blemish serum, Mango soft face serum