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Mamonde Pore Clean Blackhead Stick, the latest package Defeat blackheads
Reviews are extremely popular. From the old package to the new bestseller
Do not miss the white face, aura, just a black nose. This can’t be done at all.
This stick is very easy to use. Just gently wipe the blackhead area.
Just as this, the face is smooth. Exactly what is the best
Stick this god Designed for removing blackheads And especially blackheads
Blackhead problem Or blackheads on the face Or will the nose run away?
In addition to helping to reduce acne as well Also helps to eliminate sebum Or that it is excess of the skin as well
After using, give moisture. Not dry
Formulated with Heartleaf houttuynia, gentle for all skin types
How to use is to wash your face thoroughly. Apply this on the area that you want to get rid of acne. From then, rinse with clean water.
To use: Just rotate the stick to get the product up and then rub it on a slightly wet skin. Around the nose or areas with pimples Blackheads will come out. But advise to gently scrub The skin will not become inflamed. Just this, we will get a smooth skin, smooth touch, free from ingrained pimples. The skin on the nose is now clear and clear without pimples.
Size 18 grams