Ob-Ex Slim Drink Dietary supplements flavor green tea

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OB-EX Slim Drink អាហារបំប៉ន  តែបៃតង មិនបារម្ភពីជាតិខ្លាញ់និងជាតិស្ករ ជួយអោយរាងស្អាត


OB-EX Slim Drink Dietary
1.Chase away old fat
Stimulate fat burning. Reduce fat accumulation throughout the body, including the abdomen, upper arms, thighs. (Ob-X, Morosil, CLA, black pepper extract)
2.Resist new fat
Inhibiting the lipogenesis. Reduce the absorption of carbohydrates. (Garcinia extract, White kidney bean extract)
3.Reduce appetite
Increase satiety. Reduce cravings. Alter microorganisms in the intestine that help to adjust eating habits. To maintain a lasting good shape. (SlimBiome)
net weight 150g
packing 10 sachets
Directions use : Tear the sachet, pour in 1 cup of hot water (120 ml), stir well. Increase deliciousness by adding some ice or chilled.