One whey: whey protein isolate, chocolate flavor free of fat and sugar.

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One whey: ប្រូតេអ៊ីនវ៉េ រសជាតិសូកូឡាគ្មានជាតិខ្លាញ់និងស្ករ ជួយបង្កើនម៉ាសសាច់ដុំ


ONE WHEY protein isolate chocolate flavor
1.Replenish various system
Repair the wear and tear of the body boost immune system.
2.Strengthen muscles
And other components That is beneficial for muscle building.
3.Helps burn fat
Contains extracts that play an important role in fat burning
4.Contains vitamins and antioxidants
That protects cells in the body from damage (vitamin B1, 2, 5, 6, 12, vitamin D3, vitamin K 1)
net weight 330g
packing 10 sachets
Directions use : Tear the sachet, pour in 1 glass (150ml) of cold or normal temperature water, stir or shake well. Take in the morning, post work-out or before dinner