Smart Watch Q99 Series5 / Watch5, 100% authentic call with insurance w55 T500 smart watch- Ankgkor Panda

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Smart Watch Q99 Series5 / Watch5 100% authentic call
– Touch full screen Supports Thai
– Thai function / Thai menu
– Support IOS / Android system
– Make calls, receive calls
– Aw line can be changed
– can change to 12 themes
– Calling LINE via mobile phone, call notification system as well
– can change menu styles to 2 styles
– There are 2 silicone straps
– There is a fitness mode
– There is a health mode
– Recordable audio
– Control video or music equipment
– with a calculator
– There is a calendar
– Menu that the home screen can press to enter
– The main screen will be animated, such as Mickey etc.
– Size 44mm
– Touch screen system
– Battery charging system
– The house has a home button. And power button Microphone and speaker
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