Solar LED spotlight Big 10W seniors not bright, can be returned to the merchant! White light ip67- Angkor Panda

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“No. 1 Solar Cells in Thailand”
⭐ 100% authentic product
⭐ “Electricity cost 0 baht” excellent energy saving
Easy to install, no additional wiring required No need to hire an electrician.
⭐ Helps to maintain security for houses, food, slopes, parking lots, factories, warehouses, illuminating billboards, lawns and more.
Motion sensor system
⭐ Lighting covers an area of ​​5-324 square meters at a height of 3-5 m.
67 IP67, designed especially for exterior use, resistant to the sun and rain.
LED LED lamps have a lifespan of not less than 50,000 hrs.
⭐ The service life of the solar panel is more than 5 years.
🍀🍀 Features 🍀🍀
Brightness: 410 lumens
🌻 Color light: 6000 – 6500 K (white) (warm light)
LED LED bulbs: 30 lights
Lamp size: 162×130 mm
🌻 Solar panel: 8W (Polycrystalline)
🌻 Solar cell panel size: 264×174 mm
Battery capacity: 6,000 mAh
🌻 Charging period: 6-8 hours
🌻 1 usage period: 10-24 hours
🌻 Lighting coverage: 49 sq.m.
🌻 Control: Use the control mode on-off or set auto-on-off.
Sensor system: turn on-off automatically according to the light sensor
รองรับ Supporting standards: IP67, waterproof, dustproof and able to be up to 1 meter in water
🌻 Power cable: 5 meters
🌻 Material: Aluminum, Tempered glass