Whole set with mic, big microphone stand for live events, recording or singing

47.90 $

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Mobile stand set With a whole set of microphones
– For shooting live, recording programs, singing songs
– For the best sound quality
– Can be used for both sitting and standing positions
– can adjust the phone to the desired angle
– Condenser microphones Can cut the ambient sounds very well
Various proportions
– Mobile and microphone settings can be adjusted from 80-170 cm.
– Extend the microphone from the stand from 10-60 cm.
– The mobile stand in the bending part has a length of 30 cm.
– The base of the stand has a radius of 30 cm.
-All folded and left to 70 cm.
The cable connects the mic to the phone is a 3.5 jack (normal headphone jack). For phones that don’t have a headphone jack, there will be a headphone jack cable.
Microphone, if used with a computer, must have a sound card 😊